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What we do


First and foremost, we are a technology-centred software company.


We build products, services and tools for the legal sector and adjacent industries.


We combine great technology with intuitive design to create truly powerful software products.


We aim to disrupt the status quo by applying cutting-edge research and fostering innovation.

From the blog

Scala, the Aux pattern & path dependent types

In our last post about Shapeless, we casually mentioned the Aux pattern was being used: L is a path dependent type on Generic[T], so we use the AUX pattern here[…]

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Product design sprints: a methodology for champions or do they leave you out of puff?

Developing a new idea from scratch is always a challenge, be it an idea for a whole product or for a major new feature. Is your idea any good? Is[…]

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Type class derivation with Shapeless: An introduction

You must be shapeless, formless, like water. At Basement Crowd we make use of Shapeless for a couple of problems – the most common use is for the automatic derivation[…]

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